Freedom Five - A Sentinels Comics Board Game announced as the next Dice Tower Essentials title

June 10, 2020 - 10:45pm

“There’s no time to lose! Megalopolis is under attack and we’re the only ones who can stop Baron Blade and his criminal cohorts from destroying our city!

Everyone split up and get to work. We’ll meet back at the Freedom Tower to regroup before the trouble gets even worse. These crooks are more powerful and organized than ever before, so be careful and stay alert, heroes!”

The next game in the Dice Tower Essentials line has been announced, and it will be Freedom Five – A Sentinels Comics Board Game by designers Richard Launius (Defenders of the Realm), Adam Sadler (Descent 2nd Edition) and Brady Sadler (Brook City). Freedom Five is a joint effort between Arcane Wonders and Greater than Games, taking place in one of the same universes as the very popular superhero card game Sentinels of the Multiverse. It is also reported that Freedom Five is “the newest evolution of the Defenders of the Realm series by Richard Launius.”

Defenders of the Realm (2010) is an epic, cooperative fantasy game, wherein players defend the land from invasion, repair the tainted lands, and defeat the four creature factions creeping towards the capital. The follow up, Defenders of the Last Stand (2016), used similar game play, but added more exploration and story in this biker gang and mutant filled, postapocalyptic world.

Now, in Freedom Five, master designer Richard Launius is at it again: 1-5 players work cooperatively to protect Megalopolis and its inhabitants from the forces of evil, enacted through a “dastardly smart ‘A.I.’ ”. Each player takes on the role of a unique superhero, scrambling to quell multiple crises throughout the land. Freedom Five can be played as a standalone challenge, or in a campaign, running through a series of comic book scenarios.

The Dice Tower Essentials line of games has included such classics as Dragonscales, Royals, Viral, and Onitama. Look for Freedom Five to come to Kickstarter on September 8, 2020. For more information, read the official announcement here, and check out the official home page here.

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