Free RPG Day to be held July 25

June 7, 2020 - 7:42pm

“Participating retailers receive an abundance of new and exclusive RPG adventures, products, and accessories to provide the ultimate day of RPG gaming with giveaways and massive foot traffic.”

Free RPG Day has been an annual event in game stores since 2007, now organized by Gaming Days, LLC. Originally scheduled for June, the world has become more complicated since the outbreak of COVID-19. However, Gaming Days are still determined to hold the event, now scheduled for July 25, 2020. Participating retailers will have “free exclusive printed content for a wide variety of tabletop roleplaying games.” The list of publishers for 2020 is impressive, including online site Roll20, Paizo of Pathfinder fame, WizKids, Fantasy Flight Games, Renegade Game Studios and many more. Gamers can check out for more information and to find participating stores near them.

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