Forsaken - A Game Trayz board game

September 17, 2021 - 9:12am


Game Trayz is expanding from storage solutions into creating their own boardgames, under the publishing label Game Trayz Lab. Their first game will be Forsaken, scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in 2022 and fulfill in 2023. The setting in Forsaken is Thyrria, a planet that has been strip mined of nearly all its resources, leaving lawlessness behind. One to four players will compete to advance furthest up the legend track in this western, scifi, sandbox, narrative adventure game.

Forsaken promises personalized, branching stories for each character in the game. On your turn, you will spend action points to traverse the map and interact with features in pursuit of public and private objectives. You can work as a bounty hunter, take on other odd jobs, pursue prophecies, or gamble at the cantina. Certain conditions will trigger events and encounters, giving your character a choice that will alter the game's narrative. Along the way you can upgrade your gear and skills to help you meet your next challenge. 

Forsaken is designed by Travis R. Chance and Michael Mihealsick. It features art by Andre Garcia, Naomi Robinson, JC Wong, and Bryce Cook. Game Trayz Lab plans to use the thermoformed plastic their company is known for as more than a storage solution in Forsaken. It will be an interactive and essential element of the gameplay experience. More information about Forsaken will be coming in the future on the Game Trayz Lab website