Flick magnets in Panepita

January 12, 2023 - 2:20pm

Publisher SzpiLAB with designers Eisuke Fujinawa (藤縄英佑) and Kazunori Hori (堀和紀) have announced the dexterity game Planepita. Planepita is a disc flicking game, with players trying to get their discs into the center of a target board. The discs, however, are two sided and magnetic. Players can flip their disc over after flicking it onto the board, making the magnet stick more firmly. And this matters since opponents can knock your discs off the board. Flipped discs, however, are not worth as many points as those still magnet side up. Planepita was shown off at the Tokyo Game Market in April 2022 after raising over ¥1M on the Japanese crowdfunding site Campfire. A second edition of Planepita is now available in Japan.

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