Five24Labs, publishers of Mint Series games, rebrands to Poketto

August 17, 2020 - 1:01am

Rachael Blaske, CEO of Five24Labs, has announced that the company has changed its name and brand identity to Poketto. Five24Labs was previously known for games both mint-based and tin-enclosed, including popular titles Mint Delivery, Mint Works and Mint Cooperative. Blaske has stated that the new name, pronounced Poe-KEH-Toe, is a blending of the Japanese “poketto” [pocket] with the Spanish “pequeño” [small], meant to reinforce their small and portable, pocket-sized games. The press release reinforces this:

 “The new Poketto brand maintains the company's focus on fun, portable games, while opening the door for new products outside the Mint Series branding and design structure. The new branding showcases how our games are easy to travel with and how they take gamers on a journey by providing big gameplay in small packages.”

In fact, the press image for Poketto includes three new titles marked with question marks, and when asked, Blaske stated “I can confirm that none of the ?’s are mint games.”

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