Find fulfillment in house decorating

April 1, 2022 - 10:17am

Decorum Header

Now available from Floodgate Games, Décorum is a game of passive aggressive cohabitation. Two to four players will decorate their house. Each player has hidden objectives for how they want the house decorated, and the goal is to cooperatively find a setup that fulfills all players. The house has four rooms, and each room has a wall color and space for up to three different object types (wall hangings, lamps, and curious). Each object is one of four different colors and one of four different styles. There are twelve objects, so not every combination is accounted for. On your turn, you may choose one of five actions:

  • Add an object - take an object from the object board and place it into an empty spot of the same type in the house
  • Remove an object - take an object from the house and place it on the object board
  • Swap an object - replace an object in the house with an object of the same type from the object board
  • Paint a wall - replace the wall color token in a room with a different wall color token from the oject board (walls always have a color)
  • Pass - you can only take this action when all of your conditions are fulfilled

After you perform an action, if all of your conditions are met, you may inform your roommates that you are fulfilled. If they are also fulfilled, you have won the game and can proceed to scoring. If the game does not proceed to scoring, then your roommates can react to your action with a positive, neutral, or negative comment. Their comment cannot reveal their hidden conditions. The game continues for a set number of rounds based on player count, over the course of which you will be able to reveal some of your conditions. The game ends when all players meet their conditions or after the final round. The game comes with 30 scenarios of conditions and starting house setups. There is a solution to each one, so the trick is whether the players can find it. 

Décorum is designed by Harry MackinCharlie Mackin, and Drew Tenenbaum; with art by Michael Mateyko. It comes in a retail and deluxe version. The deluxe version has acrylic tokens. Both versions are available for purchase on the Floodgate Games website