Fight over the same canvas in Abstract Academy

February 14, 2022 - 2:33pm

Abstract Academy, published by Crafty Games, has two or four players competing to fulfill pattern objectives on a shared canvas. The key component of the game are canvas cards, which consist of four quadrants that are each red, yellow, or blue. Players will take turns orthagonally placing canvas cards without overlapping until a 4x4 (two player) or 5x5 (four player) grid is complete. Players cannot place cards in the row closest to an opponent (their home row) unless they have no other option. Once the canvas is complete, the players will score public and private objectives based on the two rows closest to them. The objectives will award points for things like specific patterns of the same color, or having the largest area of a certain color, or the most areas of a certain color (orthagonally connected quadrants of the same color comprise an area). Players will complete three canvases, then the player with the most points has achieved highest marks from the professor at the academy. 

Abstract Academy features art by Dann May. It is designed by Molly JohnsonRobert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich. They were co-designers of Point Salad, Dollars to Donuts, and Verdant. Abstract Academy is available for purchase now, and if you buy it through the Crafty Games webstore, you will receive a free promo.