Fell trees and flip flapjacks in Fir, from the fellows behind Feudum

November 1, 2022 - 2:02pm

Odd Bird Games has announced their next game, Fir, which reunites the designer and artist of Feudum. In Fir, two to five players compete to acquire the most myth points with their band of loggers in the 19th century Pacific Northwest. Task workers with felling fir trees, driving logs to milling timber, and stoking steam donkeys. What's a steam donkey, you ask? Well, it is a steam-powered winch for hauling logs from where the trees were felled to a processing area. You will do more than just cut down trees though. Players can enter logging games, build out their homestead, flip flapjacks, and moonlight as an impresario. Feudum is renowned for being a heavy game with a lot going on. Fir will involve network building, set collection, tile placement, variable player powers, and worker placement. 

The designer of Fir is Mark K. Swanson. It features whimsical art by Justin Schultz. The game is still in development without a firm release date, but the creators have started sharing art