Fantasy Flight Goes to the Edge of the Earth

June 21, 2021 - 9:25am

Arkham Horror Boxes

Fantasy Flight Games has announced two new expansions to its wildly successful Arkham Horror: The Card Game, as it unveils a new way to add expansions to the base game going forward.  Both of the expansions are entitled Edge of the Earth, but they are very different.

The first Edge of the Earth box is the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion. This box contains cards to enhance your deckbuilding capabilities, including five investigators and about 250 new cards.   The investigators highlighted in this new expansion are Lily Chen and Norman Withers.

Arkham Horror Edge of the Earth

The other Edge of the Earth box is the Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion.  There is nary an investigator card in this expansion.  Instead this box focuses on scenarios that support the campaign, which is set in Antarctica, for the game.  There are over 300 scenario cards in the box, which includes a new story and a branching-path narrative.

You do not need both boxes.  If you want to concentrate on just the deckbuilding aspects of the game and look forward to a bunch more cards, then the Investigator Expansion is for you.  If you want a new campaign with a ton of new content, then you want the Campaign Expansion.  If you want to maximize everything, buy them both.  You can find more information about both boxes on the Fantasy Flight website here.