Fantasy Flight Games announces three new ships for Star Wars: X-Wing

January 14, 2020 - 3:02pm

Three new ships will soon be available for your Star Wars: X-Wing fleets. Both the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance have new ships to fight during the Clone Wars.  The LAAT/I Gunship provides a durable workhorse for the Galactic Republic, serving in space assault in space battles.  This versatile ship can be outfitted to suit the mission needs of the Galactic Republic, whether it is to deploy clone troopers in precision drops or serve as a battle platform for Jedi Knights. The HMP Droid Gunship provides a fearless and ruthless starfighter for the Separatist Alliance.  Its predatory droid intelligence and multitude of weapon systems easily break formidable Republic formations. For the First Order fleets later in the New Republic Era, the Xi-Class Light Shuttle provides a swift shuttle for First Order VIPS, a command vehicle with superior evasive capabilities, and an ideal insertion vehicle for operatives for clandestine operations.  Learn more about these expansions on the Fantasy Flight website. Look for the new starships in your friendly local game store in Q2 2020.

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