Fantasy Flight Games announces Five New Investigator Start Decks for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

April 6, 2020 - 1:58pm

Fantasy Flight Games announces a new type of expansion for the Arkham Horror card game: Investigator Starter Decks. These new Investigator Start Decks introduce all new investigator and allows any player to join a campaign with a pre-built and ready-to-play investigator without having to purchase a Core Set to build the deck.  Each starter deck comes with 34-card investigator deck and 26 additional cards to use to upgrade your deck as you player through a campaign. For collectors, these decks are composed of primarily new cards and offer new ways to play the game. Three of the investigators are completely new to the Arkham Horror Files universe.

Nathanial Cho is a former boxer turned investigator.  The pugilist deals extra damage in fights with the enemy.  Many of his cards reflect his boxing background, from the Boxing Gloves equipment that also deal extra damage to the Counterpunch and One-Two Punch events that keep him in the fight.

Harvey Walters is a Professor who studies of the archaic and obscure have enabled him to be exceptionally suited as on investigator into the emerging dangers of the day. His vast knowledge can grant additional cards draws to fellow investigator at his location. Harvey players will enjoy a larger hand size and allow fellow investigator to draw even more cards! The larger the hand size, the more boost Harvey gets to his stats.

Winifred Habbamock is an adventurous aviatrix. Winifred is fearless and pushes the limits. Committing two or more cards to a skill test guarantees and draw from your deck.  Passing a test by more than two points returns a committed card to your hand. Winifred is armed with a powerful Mauser that she can fore more than once a turn if she succeeds in her skill check by more than two.

Jacquelin Fine is a psychic who uses her visions and her powerful ability to control her visions to manipulate the fate of chaos tokens. She is armed with numerous spells that are new to this expansion. They are effective attacks that may have a cost depending on which token is revealed during the attack.  Other spells reduce the cost of spells, mitigate their consequences, and recharge their use.

Stella Clark is a letter carrier and well versed in facing adversity.  Even when she fails a skill test, she pushes past it and takes an additional action. With failure, she sees a silver lining and something good still comes out of it, whether she is healing horror from another investigator or boosting herself for the rest of a round.  Armed with a Derringer, a miss only makes the next attack more dangerous.  Stella has grit.

These Starter Investigator Decks are available for pre-order now.  Look for them at your friendly local game store in third quarter 2020.


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