Fantasy Flight announces Wasp hero pack for Marvel Champions

September 19, 2020 - 8:09pm

“Raised in the Soviet brainwashing program known as the Red Room, Nadia van Dyne spent the first years of her life in training as a deadly elite assassin. After she escaped with the help of a Pym Particle sample, Nadia immigrated to the United States, where she built her own Wasp suit and joined the Avengers, using her powers to fight villains of any size!”

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the newest hero pack for Marvel Champions will be the unstoppable Wasp. Marvel Champions by designers Michael Boggs, Nate French and Caleb Grace has proven to be an immensely popular card game, sitting comfortably in BGG’s top 100, and the company has supported it well in the months since its release. This version of the Wasp is not the movie version we are used to, but the soviet assassin Nadia van Dyne from the comics. A perfect match for the recently announced Ant Man expansion, the Wasp’s character card folds open to reveal two different hero forms: giant and tiny.  The Wasp pack also adds a new keyword, team-up, allowing Ant Man and the Wasp to work together.

The Wasp hero pack comes with a 40-card pre-built aggression deck, and should be available in stores this November. For more details, check out Fantasy Flight’s website here.

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