Enter the Robot Design Contest to create a new robot fighter for VOLT

July 5, 2020 - 3:47pm

“In VOLT the RFL (Robot Fighting League) sends 4 robot gladiators from various nations into the arena for the ultimate world championship. Each robot has his unique design and also a special ability (e.a. Jet-Pack attack). Only 4 robots have entered the championship yet. Time to change this! Maybe your robot will join the ranks of the world’s most respected steel gladiators.”

Volt (2014) was the board game that put designer Emerson Matsuuchi (Century: Spice Road) on the map. In Volt, 2-4 players control robots in an all-out metallic gladiatorial battle royale, using a programming mechanism. Originally published by Nazca Games, Volt was later reprinted by HeidelBÄR Games.

Now, HeidelBÄR and its associated partners, including Asmodee USA, have started a contest to design the next great robot champion. All you have to do is draw or sketch a new robot fighter, and fill in some details about its name, size and weight, then submit them to enter the contest. The contest winner will receive a 3D sculpted miniature of their robot and will receive an English copy of Volt.

Click here to enter the Volt Robot Design Contest; all entries must be received before July 17. For more information on the contest, visit the contest website here. For more details on Volt, and to see the 4 robots already included in the game, visit HeidelBÄR’s Volt page here.

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