Enter a 3D pop-up world in Wonder Book

July 6, 2021 - 9:50pm

Wonder Book is billed as the first interactive, pop-up game, and is set in the world of Oniria which is a kingdom of dragons. This wondrous world is filled with dragon-made wonders only accessible through a portal revealed in the Wonder Book. It’s a cooperative, narrative-driven game for 1-4 players, aged 10+, with a branching storyline, dungeon-crawler mechanisms, and a game board which is an interactive 3D pop-up book.

Each player takes on the role of a teenager in an adventurous group of friends. The game features a 10-hour long campaign consisting of 6 campaign chapters. The entire campaign is replayable by choosing different paths. Players can customize and upgrade their hero abilities as they progress.

Wonder Book is designed by Martino Chiacchiera (known for Mysthea, and the Deckscape and Decktective series) and Michele Piccolin, illustrated by Miguel Coimbra (known for Small World and Cyclades), and published by dv Giochi. Expect its release in the Fall of 2021.

Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games