EmperorS4 releases World Splitters and World Exchangers

December 15, 2022 - 11:52pm

Taiwanese publisher Emperor S4 debuted two of their new games at Essen Spiel this past October. World Splitters by Romain Caterdjian and Tony Chen is a unique area control game. On their turn, the active player places a fence, splitting the board into more regions. Then all other players secretly bid to place a meeple on a space adjacent to that fence. Starting with the highest bid, the active player can choose to either take the money and allow the bidder to place, or the active player can pay the amount of the bid and place their own meeple. As fenced regions are enclosed, bonuses are awarded, and players score by area control.

World Exchangers by Romain Caterdjian and Smoox Chen is a simple buy-and-sell economic game with some cool roll-and-write elements. Players are super wealthy oligarchs, buying and selling cities. Money gained and earned each turn is drawn as a graph, extending a line each round, denoting a player’s total money. If these lines go through any symbols on the dry erase sheet, players gain bonuses. So sometimes players may want to lost or gain value, aiming for a symbol. Cities also have their own prime rounds to buy or sell, allowing even more bonuses. Set collection and value at the end of 12 rounds determines the winner.

World Splitters and World Exchangers had a soft release at Essen Spiel and should be more readily available soon.

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