The Egyptians are Coming!

May 20, 2021 - 8:27am

Empires of the North Egyptians

Portal Games has announced the fourth expansion for its highly regarded game, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North.  The new expansion, Empires of the North: Egyptian Kings, which was designed by Joanna Kijanka with artwork supplied by Roman Kucharski.

This expansion, which does require the base game to be able to play, adds two new factions to Empires of the North: The Hatshepsut clan who are located on the Nile Delta and the Amenhotep faction whose deck is designed around the concept of the passing of time.  The Hatshepsut deck introduces an entirely new mechanism to the game - assigning workers to field cards in order to make them more productive.  The Amenhotep deck forces players to make tough decisions about locations they want to keep and those they do not.  If the player does not pay the resources at the end of the round in order to keep a location, it will disappear.

Empires of the North: Egyptian Kings is available currently from the Portal Games website here for pre-order.  The expansion is expected to be available at retail on May 27, 2021.