Eagle-Gryphon Games gets a bright idea by publishing Vital Lacerda's Inventions: Evolution of Idea

August 31, 2022 - 11:33am

To say that publisher Eagle-Gryphon Games has had a successful collaboration with designer Vital Lacerda would be an understatement. Let’s take a look at a few of those pairings: Lisboa, Escape Plan, Kanban EV, On Mars, The Gallerist, and the upcoming Weather Machine. That’s a pretty impressive lineup right there. So when Eagle-Gryphon Games announces they are releasing a new game by Vital Lacerda along with long time collaborating artist Ian O’Toole, it certainly should garner some attention.

In Inventions: Evolution of Ideas, players will be developing their societies by advancing its technology, economy, and culture. This is done by gathering ideas, in the form of cards, which you can then  develop into inventions. Once an invention is made, it can be shared with other societies gaining you Invention Points (IP). The player who has the most Invention Points at the end of the game is the winner. Sounds pretty simple huh? Well, this is a Vital Lacerda game so you can expect it to be more complex than that.

Inventions: Evolution of Ideas plays 2-4 players*, with an estimate playtime of 120 – 150 minutes, and should be coming to Kickstarter sometime in 2023.

*There is a solo mode being designed but is not completed yet so they are still advertising it as a 2-4 player game.

Where to start? Where to start? Hmm... I like to play games? Yeah, that's brilliant. <delete><delete><delete> I'll try again later.