Don't Blink and miss this upcoming Doctor Who game

February 4, 2022 - 6:46pm

Gale Force 9 is publishing Doctor Who: Don't Blink. In this one versus many game for two to five players, the TARDIS has crashed on a derelict spaceship full of weeping angels. Weeping angels appear to be statues when you are looking at them, but when you look away or even blink, they creep closer and their touch can send you out of time. One player controls a cadre of weeping angels. The other players take on the role of Doctor Who and his companions. The game is set in the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, with companions Amy, Rory, and Clara. The figures for both sides are represented by standees. Doctor Who and his companions are attempting to collect four parts to the TARDIS via set collection to repair it and escape the spaceship. 

The expected playtime is 30 minutes. The anticipated retail release for Doctor Who: Don't Blink is in 2022.