Dominion's 15th expansion gets piratey

August 30, 2022 - 3:07pm

The 15th expansion for Dominion will take players to the high seas in search of treasure, with Dominion: Plunder. Prepare to deckbuild your pirate crew with the expansion's 500 cards, including 40 new Kingdom cards. You will find Treasures, Duration cards, Traits that modify piles, and Events. Dominion: Plunder is not a standalone expansion; you need the Dominion base cards and rulebook to play. 

Spiel des Jahres winner Dominion is the enduring deckbuilder originally released in 2008. Two to four players start with equivalent small decks and an array of choices before them to acquire new cards. Each turn you draw a hand of cards and play them for their actions and purchase power. Acquire more cards to finetune your deck and balance when to shift from engine-building cards to endgame victory point cards. Dominion and its progeny, including Dominion: Plunder, are designed by Donald X. VaccarinoDominion: Plunder features art by Franz Vohwinkel. The expansion is scheduled for a retail release by Rio Grande Games in November 2022.