Disney Villains Card Game sure to make players cry

July 15, 2022 - 6:30pm

Publisher Ravensburger has just announced Disney Villains: The Card Game by designer Leo Colovini. Villains is a re-imagining of Colovini’s very fun 2019 hit Heul doch! Mau Mau, which loosely translates to “Go ahead and cry! Wah! Wah!”. And in fact, the original came with a tissue in the box.

In Heul Doch, play is very similar to the family game Crazy Eights or Uno, with players discarding cards of like color or number onto a growing pile, except each player has their own pile sitting in front of them. You would optimally like to play in your own pile, because it scores you points at game end. But if your card can go in anyone else’s pile, it has to. Your secret move is you can play one of your cards upside down in your pile, but these will cost you points at the end of the game. In fact, if you have 4 of these upside down cards, all 4’s do not score for you any longer. And cards score according to their values.

Look for Disney Villains coming soon.

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