Dire Wolf heads back to Dune for Immortality

July 21, 2022 - 6:31pm

Dune Imperium by Dire Wolf Games and designer Paul Dennen released in 2020 to critical and public acclaim. The hybrid deck-builder and worker placement game has players use certain cards to allow worker access to matching spaces on the board. Unplayed cards then contribute to purchasing more cards at turns end. The first expansion Rise of Ix brought the already thematic title further into Frank Herbert's Dune Universe, adding more cards and board spaces themed to the technologically advanced world of Ix.

And now, during the Dice Tower Summer Spectacular, the publisher announced the second expansion, Immortality, featuring the Bene Tleilax, a group of genetic manipulation experts living in a strict and oppressive theocracy. Immortality focuses on the deck building aspects of the game, and adds a new research track to the board, a location where players can gain new advanced Tleilaxu cards. The new board also includes a Bene Tleilax track, reflecting shady dealings with these masters of gene splicing. New Graft cards allow multiple cards to be played at once, using all of the abilities and icons within.

Dune Imperium: Immortality should be available for purchase this holiday season. For more information, check out the Dire Wolf webpage here.


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