Dice Tower Kickstarter 2020 fundraiser is Live!

January 6, 2020 - 1:44pm

Fifteen years ago, the Dice Tower posted its first podcast about the board game hobby.  Over the years, it has dedicated itself to the hobby and gamers, providing game reviews, convention coverage, industry updates, and the ever popular Top 10 lists.  The Dice Tower has grown since its humble beginnings to include more than two dozen other gaming podcasts in its network, Live Shows, Dice Tower Live, Dice Tower Awards, two Dice Tower conventions, plus a Dice Tower Cruise and a Dice Tower Retreat.  None of which was possible without your generosity.  It is only with your support that we are able to do what we love and give as much as we can back to community.

We humbly ask for your support with the 2020 Dice Tower fundraising campaign so that we may continue to provide the services to the gaming community.  Last year our focus was on producing more live content and increasing our convention coverage.  This year our goals are to continue to produce regular live content on a set schedule, increase interaction with our listeners, continue to increase the quality of our current YouTube shows, start a regular newsletter, add lots of top ten lists with special guests, and upgrade our equipment.

Like our previous campaigns, the fundraiser is full of incentives ranging from gaming gear, exclusive Dice Tower products, and promos. There are decals, pins, coasters, tokens, card sleeves, component storage bins, games bags, dice, dice pouches, and, of course, dice towers. Newest item is the Challenge Scratch-off Poster, custom made by the Dice Tower, to inspire your board game activities.  Additional products and promos for your favorite game are also available.  One of the incentives includes a new scenario for Gloomhaven.  For promo collectors, there are five different promo collections, each containing promos for different games. You can find promos for Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Chronicles of Crime, Architects of the West Kingdom, Nemesis, Smash Up, Everdell, Atlantis Rising (second edition), Clank! Legacy - Acquisitions Inc., Champions of Midgard, Star Realms, Western Legends, Dice Forge, Dominion, Fog of Love, and so much more!  There are numerous promos also for games releasing in 2020.  As always, the promo sets are packed with promos for great games.

Popular incentive from the Dice Tower crew returns again this year.  Dice Tower’s own Eric Summerer has offered to record short voicemail of your choice, or you can support for a custom video from the Dice Tower crew. Meals with the Dice Tower Staff are available at Gen Con, Essen, Pax Unplugged, Dice Tower West, and Dice Tower East.  Finally, the Epic Gaming Day, you can pledge for a gaming day with the Dice Tower Crew in at Dice Tower HQ.

There is always the option to donate however much you want regardless of perks, as any and all support is greatly appreciated. If you’ve ever benefited from a review, preview, top 10 list, news article, or convention coverage, please consider supporting this Kickstarter campaign. On behalf of all of us in the Dice Tower Network, we value your many years of viewership and patronage, and we hope to continue serving you great content in the years to come. Thank you!

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