Dice Hate Me splits with Greater Than Games

May 19, 2022 - 12:15am

Dice Hate Me Games Studio was established in 2011 by founder Chris Kirkland. The company has had a tumultuous history - they merged with Greater Than Games in 2015, who then were acquired by the Flat River Group last year. On May 16, Chris Kirkland announced on his The State of Games podcast, that Dice Hate Me is once again an independent company, although the official name has changed to just Dice Hate Me. No more studio. According to Chris, Greater Than Games has retained the rights to the titles Compounded, Bottom of Ninth, and Legends of Sleepy Hollow, while all other Dice Hate Me titles are back with Chris and his company, including back catalog and discontinued games. Chris further stated that the split was amicable, and Dice Hate Me will continue to use Flat River Group for distribution. And just to nail home the point, the Dice Hate Me official website simply says “We’re getting the brand back together”.

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