Dexterity catapult game Flyin' Goblin coming soon from Iello

February 14, 2020 - 11:40pm

“After leaving the castle, Hork plopped his heavy sack of gold down at the feet of the Recruiting Sergeant. He didn’t much like the idea of losing his hard-stolen loot, but discipline in the Goblin Air Force was no laughing matter…”

Iello has announced the catapulting dexterity game Flyin’ Goblin by designers Corentin Lebrat and Théo Rivière, featuring fantastic art by Tomasz Larek. In Flyin’ Goblin, 2-4 players take turns launching their goblin meeples off of see-saw type catapults into the multi-room game box. By successfully landing in rooms, players can earn gold and diamonds, useful in hiring more goblins or heading towards victory. However, some rooms contain traps and penalties. Different types of goblins work in different ways: the soldiers simply act to knock down opposing pieces. The captain can activate a room twice, be it good or bad. The robber is placed on a rooftop above the rooms, and if he survives a round of opposing player launches, he will steal diamonds from the keep below. Players can spend resources to build totems, one of the paths to victory, but vulnerable to opponent fire during construction. Players win the game by collecting the most diamonds, or by completing their Totem of Terror first.

Look for Flyin’ Goblin coming to your FLGS in March 2020. For more information, check out iello’s webpage on Flyin’ Goblin here.

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