Devil Bunny Games on Kickstarter

December 5, 2021 - 12:18pm

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Greater Than Games are currently seeking funding for two Devil Bunny games on Kickstarter. Devil Bunny Needs A Ham and Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy, are chaotic, dice rolling games intended for families with up to 5 players. Devil Bunny likes to cause chaos and mayhem wherever he goes and its up to the players to outwit him to prevent the destruction of the universe.

In Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, 2-5 players are sous-chefs who try to climb to the top of a skyscraper to prevent Devil Bunny from getting a ham. The reasons for this aren’t clear … but players need to avoid having Devil Bunny hop on them and knock them down to the bottom which happens to the player highest up when somebody rolls a 6 on the dice for each movement. Its designed by James Ernest (known for Kill Doctor Lucky) with art provided by Scott M. Brown.

In Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy, 2-5 players are actuaries who are trying to collect butterflies, cowboy hats, combs, and other items before Devil Bunny is able to find them and complete his collection. If Devil Bunny completes his collection … then it’s the end of the universe. Players roll dice and as long as they don’t get a 6 (the bunny icon) they’re able to keep collecting tokens into a stack which allows for movement up to the value of the stack … otherwise Devil Bunny hops onto the stack and scatters the collected items. The first player to collect 3 butterflies wins. This game is designed by Christopher Burton, Maggie Clayton, and Matthew Kroll, with art provided by Scott M. Brown.

There are 3 pledge levels for the Kickstarter campaign where players can pledge for either game by itself, or to get both games together with the added slipcase and a book which includes some comics and the original rules for the older versions of the games. The Kickstarter campaign runs until Friday, December 10th, 2021, and the estimated delivery is November of 2022.

Antoine Fortuin

Bitten by a common house spider, Antoine emerged with the uncanny ability to buy more games than he had time to play. While living in the hills of Tennessee, USA, he tries to balance software development, family, and his multiple, competing hobbies. He hopes to someday discover a pocket dimension in which to store his games