Defenders of the Wild coming from Parks creator Henry Audubon

January 13, 2023 - 12:13pm

Defenders of the Wild was unveiled at PAX Unplugged, from publisher Out of Order Games, Parks and Cosmoctopus designer Henry Audubon, and T.L. Simons. As one of four unique factions, you’ll lead animal heroes to resist a monstrous army of machines. The machines will enclose habitats, build factories, and send out attack units, while the players must endure the assault, heal the land, and outsmart their enemy. The game can be played cooperatively, all united to defend their lands, or competitively, with each faction also working to complete their own objectives first. Defenders of the Wild will play 1-4 players in around 45-90 minutes. Defenders of the Wild should come to crowdfunding later in 2023.

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