Dead by Daylight: The Board Game

April 2, 2022 - 12:36pm

Dead by Daylight The Board Game

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game currently is on Kickstarter from Level 99 Games (publisher of Millennium BladesPixel Tactics, and many more). The adaptation of the popular video game is a one versus many horror survival game for three to five players. One player takes on the role of the killer, who attacks players to wound them, then drags them to hooks to make sacrifices. The killer wins if they make eight sacrifice progress. At the end of the round, the killer gains one sacrifice progress for each survivor currently on a hook. The rest of the players take on the role of survivors, who win by powering up four generators and opening the exit gate. Powering up generators requires a successful skill check dice roll. 

The game board consists of spaces connected by movement paths. The paths require one of four different types of movement to traverse. Each round, simultaneously the survivors select one movement card and the killer selects two movement cards. Then all the survivors take a turn, followed by the killer taking a turn. The board also will be populated with various tokens to interact with, such as chests to find items, lockers to hide in, and pallets to block movement. 

Each survivor has variable perks and each killer has their own special power(s). The Kickstarter campaign features a retail edition and a collector's edition. The retail version includes seven survivors and six killers. The collector's edition includes seventeen survivors and sixteen killers, as well as minis for generators and hooks. 

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game is designed by D. Brad Talton, Jr. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through 9:00 pm EDT on April 21, 2022.