Days of Wonder releases free print-and-play expansion, Ticket to Ride Stay at Home

May 29, 2020 - 1:54am

“Designed during the great lockdown of 2020, Ticket to Ride Stay at Home is a fun, quick and beautiful new version of the classic Ticket to Ride which will guarantee some amazing family moments around the gaming table.”

Days of Wonder have felt the pain of all those isolated indoors, and as a gift for all these housebound people, the company has released a free print-and-play expansion for their most popular game. Spiel des Jahres winner Ticket to Ride (2004), by designer Alan Moon, has players collect colored train cards from an open market. Cards are used to complete colored tracks on the board by placing plastic train pieces on the route. Ticket cards give bonus points for completing routes connecting two named cities.

Ticket to Ride Stay at Home is a downloadable expansion in which 2-4 players plan their trips within the house. Using the cards and train pieces from Ticket to Ride, players now race to complete routes from the Couch to the Dining Table, or from the TV to the Half Bath, a trip we all have taken from time to time. New family routes can be filled in by multiple players, each using their entire turn to place exactly one train piece on the track. Adrien Martinot, Head of home-based playtesting joked, “As a board game publisher, we are really committed to helping people have fun while staying at home. We started working on this project at the beginning of the lockdown, which gave me the opportunity to stay entertained as well thanks to the playtesting.”

The downloadable PDF contains instructions, as well as the new board and ticket cards, containing delightful childlike art. For more details, and to download the expansion, visit Days of Wonder’s website here.

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