Cwali is Coming!

November 27, 2020 - 6:30am

In an effort to reach a wider audience with its games, Cwali Games is partnering with  Five titles have been announced already with another to be named at a later date: Factory Funner, Habitats, Roll to the Top, BasketBoss, and Powerships.  Each of the games is to be released with updated art and components and will be published over the next 3 years.

Chad DeShon, President of said, “I’ve been a personal fan of Cwali for years and have played their games countless times. They have not been easy to find, especially in the US, so it’s an honor to share them with our growing community of enthusiastic gamers.”, who have become a publisher in their own right, believes that these “quick-to-teach” games fit in well with their own games, such as On Tour.

Corné van Moorsel, President of Cwali, adds, “I’m incredibly excited for more people to play these games. clearly shares our passion for thoughtful games and their current line up inspires confidence that each new release will be special.”

No word on when the first of the games will be published by, but be on the lookout!