Crescent Moon - asymmetric area control in the Middle East

September 28, 2021 - 8:49pm

Crescent Moon

Osprey Games has announced Crescent Moon, an asymmetric area control game set in the 10th century Middle East. The game is designed by Steven Mathers, and his designer diary for Crescent Moon cites Chaos in the Old World and Dune as inspirations for the game. Five factions will compete for victory with different, yet interconnected, ways of achieving victory. The interwoven nature of the factions is designed to create tense negotiations and political intrigue. All of the factions need to be in the game, and only some can be automated, so the player count is limited to four or five players. The five factions in Crescent Moon are:

  • The ambitious Sultan, focused on building great works of architecture,
  • The secretive Murshid, conducting espionage through an expansive network of agents,
  • The wandering tribes of the Nomad, looking to gain wealth by serving as mercenaries to other factions
  • The ravaging forces of the Warlord, sacking city after city, and
  • The Caliph, aiming to preserve order through military might. 

Each faction has individual objectives, unique actions, and powerful special abilities. These descriptions seem reminiscent of the COIN series of games. 

Crescent Moon is scheduled to be published in summer 2022. The game will feature art by Navid Rahman. Look for more details to come at Osprey Games' announcement blog