Creator vs the Game

July 22, 2020 - 10:35am

 Creator vs The Game

The Horrible Guild, in conjunction with game designers Lorenzo Silva and Hjalmar Hach, is now hosting a live web series where the designers play games in real-time, allowing for comments and discussion with the people viewing.  The first live-stream was this past Friday, July 17th, but there are future live streams scheduled.  You can follow the Horrible Guild on YouTube (check here), Twitch (check here), Facebook (check here), Twitter (check here), and/or Instagram (check here) for news and upcoming episode details.

The Horrible Guild is planning on having other game designers join in the fun too:

"The focus of the show will be to introduce the audience to a 'game of the day' in a light-hearted way. After a short explanation of the game, the hosts will play the game with their guests, sharing fun stories and insights about the development of the game and game design in general." 

The other game designers will be playing their games all the while fielding questions from their audience!