The Court of Miracles is a rogues' gallery in Paris

August 4, 2020 - 2:35pm

The Court of Miracles content

Lucky Duck Games is publishing The Court of Miracles, a game where two to five players compete for control of the seedy side of 16th century Paris through worker placement and area majority.

Each player heads a guild of various rogues and will race to be the first to place their sixth Renown token. Players deploy rogues facedown into various neighborhoods, each with three spots. When you place a rogue on a spot, you will trigger the benefit of the spot and have the option of triggering the action of the specific neighborhood. As soon as a neighborhood's three spots are full, there is a standoff where the rogues are flipped and whichever player has the highest strength present takes control of the neighborhood, placing a Renown token. Those rogues are then returned to each player's pool. Whenever the action of a neighborhood is triggered, if there is a player's Renown token present, they will get a small benefit. When the neighborhood fills up again, there is a new standoff and a new Renown token will replace the one there. You can bank Renown tokens on the board by spending money to move them to Renown Square, which prevents the tokens from being replaced in the event of a new standoff. Players can accumulate plot cards to mix things up. Players also can upgrade their pool of rogues, gaining different abilities, by pulling a new one from a bag full of Pickpockets, Soothsayers, Courtesans, and more

The game was originally released in 2019 as “La Cour des Miracles” by Lumberjacks Studio. It is designed by Vincent Brugeas and Guilhem Gautrand. The Court of Miracles has stellar artwork by Ronan Toulhoat. Look for The Court of Miracles to arrive this September!