Cosmic Encounter gets a campaign mode

April 15, 2022 - 11:40am

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Odyssey, the next expansion for Cosmic Encounter. The big new thing for this expansion is a campaign mode. Each player will have a coalition of alien factions they play across multiple games. Players will accumulate prizes that can be used in subsequent games or saved for the Final Age Game, which is the culmination of the campaign. Every player that wins the Final Age Game is declared the Campaign Winner. Mechanically, Cosmic Odyssey contains thirteen variants that will be pulled from during the campaign. These variants are tweaks on variants from prior expansions, tweaks on variants from prior editions, and brand new variants. 

Cosmic Odyssey includes forty-two alien factions. Thirty of these are brand new. The remaining twelve are alternate versions of alien factions that already exist in the Cosmic Encounter universe. 

Cosmic Odyssey is designed by Jack Reda, with art by Felicia CanoMichele GiorgiHenning LudvigsenGrigory Sedov, and Stephen Somers. It is scheduled for a retail release this summer.