Coming Soon to a Core World Near You

October 12, 2020 - 3:36pm

Quixotic Games, owned by famed game designer Andrew Parks, has announced that it has acquired the exclusive rights to Parks' popular deck building game, Core Worlds, from Stronghold Games, the previous publisher.  Not one to sit on his laurels, Park is planning more games set in the Core Worlds universe.    Already on the way is Core Worlds: Empire, a sequel of sorts to the original Core Worlds game, although Empire is a worker placement game, not a deck builder.

Parks has nothing but praise for Stephen Buonocore, the recently retired head of Stronghold Games, stating that "Stephen has been a marvelous shepherd for Core Worlds over the years, bestowing Stronghold’s dedication to quality components and artwork to what has become a critically-acclaimed, award-winning series of games. I am so grateful to him and to the entire Stronghold team for all their hard work over the past decade.”  Parks went on to say how appreciative he is of Travis Worthington, head of Indie Game Studios, who worked along with Buonocore in making the transfer of the rights for Core Worlds to Quixotic Games possible.

Never one to be outdone, Stephen Buonocore was just as effusive in his praise: “Core Worlds was one of the most significant releases in the early Stronghold Games catalog and remains one of the most innovative deck-building games on the market. I am very excited for the future of this IP under Quixotic Games, and I will be backer #1 for Core Worlds: Empires!

Core Worlds: Empires is due to be released in the coming year.