Come Together to host the best music festival of the '60s

August 27, 2022 - 10:56am

Chilifox Games is publishing Come Together, a worker placement game where one to six players compete to host the best music festival. You will build up your festival site by adding camp sites to lodge fans, and stages for music acts to perform. The fans are represented by meeples of different colors, connoting the type of music they want to see. The musical acts will only perform if the requisite number and types of fans are at the festival to meet their individual requirements. Set in the 1960's, the game features 35 Star Artist cards to attract to your festival, each one depicting an homage to musicians from that time period, as well as generic up-and-coming acts. 

The worker placement spots in Come Together are divided into four sectors: camp, stage, star, and audience, each with four spots. Each spot has a card players can claim for their tableau, drawn from the deck specific to that sector. Each turn, you choose to (1) place the requisite number of workers on a spot, (2) activate a sector, or (3) reclaim your workers. When you activate a sector, all players with workers in that sector take the card corresponding to their spot and either place it in their active tableau or into their planning reserve. Cards in a player's planning reserve can be moved to their active tableau later, which allows players to claim cards before they have achieved all of the prerequisites for activating them. Each player also has three publicity tracks: radio, television, and newspaper, on which they will advance in order to boost end-of-round scoring. The duration of the game is three rounds, each corresponding to a day of the festival. You can add variety to the game by playing with the optional asymmetric tableaus, which give each player special powers and disadvantages. 

Come Together is designed by Vegard Eliassen Stillerud, Åsmund Svensson, and Santa Maria designer Eilif Svensson. The graphic design is by Yan Moussu. Come Together is scheduled to release in October.