Coffee bean spelling game Jabuka announced

April 14, 2020 - 1:03am

“In a very strange time in our world, a couple of things remain as constants - coffee and games.”

Jabuka is a new coffee themed word game from first time designer Martin Russocki and Jabuka Games. Martin was inspired by playing with and twirling coffee beans, while contemplating spelling games and language skills. In Jabuka, players draw wooden coffee beans from a bag, each with one or two letters on one side. Jabuka is remniscent of tile spelling games such as Bananagrams or Scrabble, except the unique twist in Jabuka lies in the font; These letters are in a font that can be rotated one, two, or three different ways to create new letters. An “n” can be rotated to be a “c”, or even a “u”. The “w” can become an “m” or an “e”. Even the double letter tiles can be rotated: “nd” becomes “pu”, and “oy” becomes “ho”. Players compete to make words using the most bean tiles, and can even steal beans from each other. Jabuka is available now from the publisher; for more details, check out the Jabuka website here.

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