CMoN brings the power of Grayskull to their next board game

June 7, 2020 - 8:32pm

“When Eternia is threatened by Skeletor and his vile minions, the noble Prince Adam holds aloft the Sword of Power and proclaims, “By the Power of Grayskull, I have the power!”, transforming into He-Man!”

CMoN has announced a partnership with Mattel to bring the iconic 1982 characters He-Man, Skeletor, and all the Masters of the Universe characters onto our tabletop. The upcoming Masters of the Universe: The Board Game will be designed by Michael Shinall (Xenoshyft: Onslaught) and Leo Almeida (Starcadia Quest), who have stated “They are developing a new game system that will take advantage of the iconic setting and universe as well as bring in many of the setting’s most beloved characters.” As is the norm for CMoN, players can expect “highly-detailed miniature figures of these characters, giving both gamers and collectors a thrill.”

Masters of the Universe: The Board Game is expected to come to Kickstarter in 2021. For more details, you can read the press release from CMoN here.

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