Climb Every Mountain

May 24, 2022 - 12:53pm

Fiat Lucre Games has announced that their game Annapurna, which was released in 2021, is going to have a tournament at PAX Unplugged later in 2022.  Although the exact dates for PAX Unplugged have not yet been released, details of the tournament have:  In order for players to guarantee a spot in the competition, which sports a grand prize of $1000, players need to take pictures of themselves playing the game and post it to either the Annapurna Twitter, Facebook or Instagram social media accounts.

Annapurna was designed by and the artwork supplied by Rebecca Horovitz.  The game supports 2-4 players, ages 12 and up, and takes between 30-60 minutes to play.  Annapurna is a mountain climbing game, played either cooperatively or competitively.  Players must balance their yin and yang during the game so that they leave no trace of themselves on the mountain.  Watch out for rock slides and Yetis though!

If you are interested in participating in the tournament or want further information on the game, be sure and check out the Annapurna website here.