Circadians - a second game and a second edition

October 30, 2021 - 12:42pm

Garphill Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Circadians: Chaos Order and the second edition of Circadians: First Light. Both Circadians games are set on the planet of Ryh. In First Light, players are competing research teams negotiating with the locals, harvesting resources for the depository, upgrading their research base, exploring the planet, and collecting gems. Chaos Order finds Rhy in geological turmoil that has unearthed six large structural relics that the planet's factions are fighting over. 

In Chaos Order, two to five players control asymmetric factions attempting to claim victory either by controlling all remaining relics on the map or by reaching their individual Fame threshhold. Each faction gains Fame in a different way, which will guide the playstyle for that faction. Each round starts with players setting the cost of the actions they subsequently may take in the round:

  • BUILD: construct Foundations and Structures on the areas of the map they control
  • HARVEST: collect resources from the areas on the map they control
  • RECRUIT: place more units on the map
  • MOVE: move units around the map
  • DISCOVER: gain research in any of these five actions, which will strengthen that action for the player

Each action has a Main Action and an Auxillary Action. The player that sets the price for an action gain initiative priority for that action. After these action phases, players will resolve combat in every region where more than one faction has presence (units or buildings). In combat, each player will secretly select one of six strategy plans from the combat wheel, as well as whether to play a tactics card. Players will then compare strength and shield values based on these choices, buildings, leaders, faction abilities, and number of fighters in the region. The player with the higher strength wins the battle and takes control of the region. 

Circadians: Chaos Order is designed by S J Macdonald and Zach Smith, with art by Sam Phillips. The second edition of Circadians: First Light makes aesthetic chnges to art, iconography, and various components. There are also a few terminology changes. In terms of gameplay content changes, the second edition includes two new Leader Cards, the Allies Expansion, and two gameplay variants: the Dyad Alliance and the Irenic Union. The Kickstarter campaign runs through 8:00 pm EST on November 11, 2021. Garphill Games estimates fulfillment in July 2022. Check out the Circadians: Chaos Order Kickstarter page for more details.