CGE releases setup app for Letter Jam

January 9, 2020 - 2:27am

“Did you notice that your Letter Jam cards have codes? Have you ever wondered what they're for? Would you like to add a bit more mystery and surprise to your game?”

Letter Jam from designer Ondra Skoupý and publisher Czech Games Edition, is one of the more innovative cooperative word games released in 2019, and has been rising steadily in popularity. In Letter Jam, up to 6 players each have a hidden word made of scrambled face down letters in front of them. One letter card at a time is revealed, turned away from the player, so that everyone except its owner can see the card. Players take turns making clue words from these visible letters, giving hints towards the identity of everyone’s reverse facing card. Ultimately, all players need to identify all of their letters, then unscramble and solve their hidden words.

While players can create the hidden words and pass them around the table, CGE has now released an app to truly randomize the game setup. The app can scan the codes on the cards, directing the player to create piles for each player without revealing any of the cards. This way, everything about the game is randomly generated. The app for Letter Jam is currently available for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, check out the CGE website here.

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