CGE makes a Deal With the Devil

July 21, 2022 - 6:58pm

During the Summer SpectacularCzech Games Edition announced Deal with the Devil, a new euro-style trading and building game from Matúš Kotry, the designer of Alchemists. Players need to build up a medieval city, and that requires resources and cold hard cash. Each player in Deal with the Devil is assigned a secret role. Will you be mortal, with a complete soul of 3 pieces, a cultist with only 2 parts of their soul intact, or the Devil, who is of course without a soul, but starts with huge amounts of gold? A simple app keeps track of who is who, helping negotiate trades while keeping the roles secret.

All players need to trade in order to gain enough resources to build up their city, and of course one thing that can certainly be sold is your soul. Trading is done by passing secret envelopes - just load them with your offer, and what you are looking to get in return. The app can read the packets, keeping track of who trades with whom.

At certain points in the game, the Inquisitors come to town, and demand to see fragments of each players’ souls. Or at least, fragments they have purchased from others. Although the inquisitors can be bribed or satisfied with indulgences if things go very poorly.

Deal With the Devil is scheduled to release in Europe at Essen Spiel this October, with a more widespread distribution to follow. For more information, check out CGE's webpage here.

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