Catch Up Games announces Cubosaurs

November 25, 2022 - 2:36am

Cubosaurs is a new hand management card game from Fabien Tanguy and French publisher Catch Up Games. The title shares a polyhedral aesthetic with the publisher’s 2018 title CuBirds, both being illustrated by Kristiaan der Nederlanden.

Cubosaurs is a card drafting game, and each of the dinosaur cards has its own scoring rules, earning or costing points depending on the number of that specific card successfully gathered at the end of the round. Each turn, decide whether to play the hand you were given, or pass it along to the next player. However, in order to pass your hand, you need to add a new unique card to the hand from your own collection. This might be a good thing for you, cleaning up your scoring cards. Try not to be stuck with the worst hand by the end of the game.

Cubosaurs is scheduled to release in Q4 2022.

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