Carl Chudyk's Aegean Sea hits BackerKit this September

August 6, 2022 - 6:41pm

Aegean Sea, the next game designed by multi-use card guru Carl Chudyk is launching on crowdfunding platform BackerKit next month. Publisher Asmadi Games is once again teaming up with Chudyk for a card game that packs lots of depth into a small box. The two had previously teamed up to create multi-use card games Innovation, Impulse, and Mottainai. In Aegean Sea, two to five players each will take on the role of a historical faction, competing for control of the various islands in the Aegean. Each of the five factions has a different deck and asymmetric powers. Every card in the game is a unique island in the Aegean, with a unique effect.

Each card can be played as an island or tucked under one side of an existing island to represent boats, temples, goods, and populace (under the left, top, right, bottom edges). Population lets you gain plurality at islands, which you need to take goods and use the special effect of the island. Goods combine with temples to allow you to draw more cards. Boats transport goods, and goods are with points. 

Aegean Sea made a limited release at Gen Con 2019 in prototype form. When it launches on BackerKit, it will have art by T.L. Simons. You can sign up to be notified when the campaign launches through BackerKit