Capstone Games will drive you wild with two new zoo maps and a future expansion for Ark Nova

August 15, 2022 - 3:36pm

There’s no denying that Feuerland Spiele and Capstone Games have a tremendous hit on their hands with Ark Nova by first-time designer Mathias Wigge. Now players can enjoy the game even more with the release of Ark Nova: Zoo Map Pack #1. Ark Nova: Zoo Map Pack #1 ironically introduces zoo maps #9 & #10, each with their own special rules.

Geographical Zoo – With this zoo map there are 5 enclosures of 6 spaces each, with each area being associated with a specific continent. Place a player marker on the space that depicts the associated continent. When you place an animal into that enclosure that matches the continent type, you can remove the player marker in order to gain one of five possible bonuses. You can only gain a bonus once for each enclosure. When you have removed your fifth and final marker you get 1 conservation point in addition to your bonus.

Rescue Station – This map has the “digging” placement bonus. When you cover a spot that has “Digging:1” you may choose to either discard a card from the display and replenish OR you may discard a card from your hand to draw one from the top of the deck. If the discarded animal is a non-petting zoo animal you may tuck that card under your zoo map in one of three slots marked by a green up arrow. That animal still counts as being in your zoo and will trigger any abilities related to the icons on the   animal card but you ignore all other text on the card. You may not release these animals into the wild.

In addition to Ark Nova: Map Pack #1, designer Mathias Wigge has also teased the name of the first expansion. Ark Nova: Aquarius. Wigge mentioned the expansion on German television recently, as well as conspicuously filming his Dice Tower Awards acceptance video from within an aquarium for "research". The expansion, which has an aquatic slant to it, will include new animal cards, new action cards that can be mixed into the base action cards for more starting variety. There will not be any new zoo maps included.

Ark Nova: Map Pack #1 is scheduled to be in retail stores on October 12th 2022. Ark Nova: Aquarius is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023.

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