Capstone Games announces Renature: a domino game from Kramer & Kiesling

July 24, 2020 - 2:16pm


The dynamic design duo of Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer has created Renature, which is being published by Capstone Games, in collaboration with Deep Print Games. In Renature, two to four players are helping nature reclaim a polluted valley by placing animal dominoes and multiple types of plant tokens in an effort to score the most points. 

The game board is a square grid made up of brook spaces and brown dirt spaces. Dominoes depicting two animals from a pool of ten animals are placed on brook spaces, and the animals of a placed domino must match its neighbors. If the placed domino borders an empty brown dirt space, then a plant token can be placed. Players score points whenever placing plant tokens. Additionally, when a brown dirt segment is enclosed by dominoes, points are awarded to whichever player has area majority of the plant tokens. Tied players cancel each other out, and there are also neutral plant tokens that count as their own color. 

Renature will be part of Capstone's Simply Complex lineup, that previously has featured The Estates and The Climbers. Renature will debut at, and is scheduled for a retail release on October 28, 2020.