Capstone Games announces English edition of trick taking game Stick 'Em

March 17, 2020 - 9:20pm

“A piercingly good card game!”

Capstone Games has announced an English version of the popular German trick taking card game Sticheln, or Stick ‘Em. In this simple, but addictive game from designer Klaus Palesch, players start by secretly selecting a card from their hand to be their “pain card”. During this hand, any cards collected in the pain color will be negative points, equal to the value of the card. All other cards collected score one point each. Players each play one card from their hand into a trick; if the cards played are all the same color, then the highest card in the led color wins the trick. If the cards are different colors, then the highest card of a color not led will win the trick – in other words, all cards not of the lead color are considered trump. After a predetermined number of hands, usually equal to the number of players, total score determines the winner. Stick ‘Em comes with 90 cards and a single rule sheet. Look for Stick ‘Em to hit retail stores in June 2020.

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