Canadian publisher Scorpion Masque released end of year report

February 3, 2020 - 1:26am

Canadian board game publisher Scorpion Masque has posted their internal numbers each year for 4 years, giving a unique insight into the inner workings within this crazy industry of ours. In 2019, the good folks behind the Masque reported a 64% increase in sales over 2018, bringing in over CA$2.5M, largely from their 4 big game releases:

Stay Cool by Julien Sentis is a 3-7 player, multitasking game, wherein players are bombarded by questions from 2 people, one of which they must answer verbally, and one they must spell with letter dice. While processing all of this, they also need to pay attention to a sand timer, and flip it at just the right moment. “Stay Cool is easy. We ask you to do nothing complicated — but you must do it all at the same time...”

L’Agent Jean: Le Jeu by designer Olivier Cipière is a licensed game based on the hugely popular French comic book, and has sold 1M copies in Quebec alone. Jean is a trick taking game for 2-5 players, where tricks won add cards to a players’ character sheet. Characters need cards to play gadgets and purple cards, to eventually overthrow the Machiavellian Castor.

Scorpion Masque also released the first real expansion to their mega-hit party game Decrypto, called Laser Drive. In Decrypto, teams need to correctly interpret the clues their teammates give them, while breaking the codes the opposing team is using. A natural evolution of team games such as Code Names, Decrypto has been extremely popular since its release in 2018.

Finally, Flash 8 by designer Joan Dufour is a fast sliding tile game for 1-4 players, wherein players race to slide their electron tiles to the empty space in the grid cards, trying to recreate the color combinations on the cards. The game ends when all the cards are claimed.

For more information, check out the yearly report from Scorpion Masque founder Christian Lemay at their website here.


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