Calliope Games Changes Distribution Channel to Combat Counterfeiting

March 19, 2020 - 12:33pm

Calliope Games, publisher of games such as Roll For It! and Tsuro, announced earlier this month that it will be taking greater control over its distribution channel in order to protect the intellectual property in its game titles against counterfeiting.  The immediate changes will be in the United States and Canada, where the majority of Calliope's business is.  Going forward, Calliope Games will be using Alliance Game Distributors and ACD Distribution in the US and Universal Games Distribution in Canada.  Calliope will also sell direct to retailers, for those who prefer a direct relationship.  Changes to distribution in international markets is currently under review.

These latest changes are in addition to earlier IP protection intiatives that Calliope has implemented, including a Intellectual Properties Policy implemented in 2017 and use of two independent services that work in conjunction with Calliope's staff to support and protect its IP.  However, according President of Calliope Games Ray Wehrs, management of IP risks have been tedious and costly and not as effective as had been hoped. "Tightening up our distribution channel and having the support of the industry's leading distributors will allow us to combat the counterfeit issue." said Wehrs. "It will also assist us in having greater control of how our products are treated within the market."

Counterfeit board games has been a hot button issue for some time within the board game industry.  Calliope's decision to tighten the distribution of its products in order to combat it is a bold one, and it will be interesting to see how effective of a move it will be and whether others in the industry will adopt similar tactics.  

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