Brew combines area control & worker placement

March 5, 2021 - 9:13pm

Brew Header

Pandasaurus Games has announced Brew, a game that combines area control and worker placement. Two to four players are mystics trying to bring balance back to the forest after time has shattered, causing all seasons and times of day to occur concurrently. Each mystic has a variable player power. 

Each round all players simultaneously roll the six dice in their dice pool. Then players take turns placing a die, either on a forest space to attempt to control it at the end of the round or on a worker placement spot in the village to gather potion ingredients. Brewing potions can help mitigate your dice rolls or help you take control of the lands. Players can also tame woodland creatures to aid their cause.  

Brew is designed by Steve Torres, head of Graphic Design at Pandasaurus Games. The charming art is by Jake Morrison. Brew is scheduled for a retail release in June 2021.