Breakdancing Meeples rolls your way from Atlas Games

July 19, 2020 - 9:47am

Breakdancing Meeples

You've seen meeples take spots on a game board or stack, but now you can see them dance! Breakdancing Meeples is a real-time dexterity game for 2-4 dance crews competing for the world championship.

The dance competition consists of four one-minute rounds. By rolling their team of six meeple dancers, players attempt to complete dance routine cards that show a combination of meeples in various poses, such as standing up, laying on their side, etc. You can lock in meeples that land in a targeted position and re-roll the rest, until you complete the routine. Dance routines are worth various points based on their degree of difficulty. Each player begins the game with two dance routine cards and learns one more between each round. A free companion app will track scores, time rounds, and provide a beat for your meeples to dance to. 

Breakdancing Meeples is designed by Ben Moy, with art by SixAbove. The teams of meeples are distinguished by color and heat-transfer printing of an accessory for each team: sneakers, hat, tank top, and necklace. The game comes in a metal tin, and is available now for your real-time, meeple-rolling entertainment.